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Collo has been playing and writing music since the 1970's; but it has taken him until 2019 to have sufficient belief to put it out there.

His music has strong rock origins, but draws on elements extending across the decades from the 1980's until today; with a broader brush of styles including Indie and Alternative rock.

His new EP "The Bluff" provides a snapshot of where he is now with his music, but with 2 full albums of 13 songs each already written, Collo will be busy in the studio working to have them released.

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Deja Vu (feat. Christina)

Collo (feat. Christina)

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The song is about an unhappy girl whose life is turned around when she meets a guy who she believes that she had a relationship with in a past life.

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My Latest Music Video "Deja Vu"

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