1. I Want You

From the recording I Want You

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This is a fun alt rock song with a southern rock feel. It is a duet featuring the wonderful vocals of Jamie Wiltshire and Denisse Ferrara, who bring to life this story of a hopeful guy and reluctant girl who meet up in a local cafe. The song is a perfect song to have on whilst driving in the car!



VERSE 1 (male)
Walk into that new cafe
Wanting to sit next to you
Hoping that you’ll notice me
Wanting you to say….

CHORUS 1 (male)
I want you
I need you
Yeah you

VERSE 2 (female)
Hiding in that new cafe
Wanting to escape this life
Sick and tired of broken promises
And always wanting second chances

CHORUS 2 (female)
I want out
I need out
Yeah out


VERSE 3 (alt each line – female then male)
<F> Another hopeful eyes off me
<M> She looks really sad to me
<F> Perhaps I shouldn’t brood so much
<M> She seems to need someone to talk to

CHORUS 3 (sung by both male and female in harmony)
I want you
I need you
I want you
I need you
Yeah you

<M&F> Can we face this thing together – a new chapter in our lives
<M&F> Can this thing be forever – we really just need to try
<F> I am just so totally scared
<M> I am feeling just so alive
<F> I’ve got to be brave and open
<M> I’ve just got to listen and care

CHORUS 4 (sung by both male and female)
I want you
I need you
I want you
I need you
Oh Yeah you