2020 Thank You and News for 2021

Hi All - 2020 has been a very challenging year for so many of us and as Covid-19 still impacts upon so many communities across the globe there remains a lot to reflect upon as we approach the Xmas period and a new year. In these times, for those of us who love music, it has certainly been something that we have been able to draw upon to add some joy and inspiration to our daily lives.

As a musician it has also been more challenging to make and release music this year as well. I have be fortunate however to have been able to keep putting together new music over the year, but as I use a professional studio to do my final song mastering, as Covid prevented me accessing the studio for many months, my music release schedule was well and truly impacted. I have now been able to Master 4 new songs for release as singles, and will be looking to start 2021 with the release of the first of these with "Sometimes" which features the incredible vocals of a young, award -winning US vocalist, Kristina Sarro.

This song is different in style to anything I have previously released, but this change in style was to work in with Kristina's vocal style. As per usual, I will also be releasing an accompanying music video on YouTube.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and a safe and prosperous new year and thanks to everyone who has supported me and my music - I really appreciate it so much! Cheers Collo